Posted by: Michael Ritter PhD | May 27, 2006

News Roundup 5/27/06

Geoscientists propose using satellites to warn of floods and landslides worldwide.

Scientists calibrate space-based flood signatures against traditional river-flow data to help spot impending flood dangers. The technique is especially useful in remote regions and countries having an inadequate network of flood gauges. Similar data is used to identify waterlogged hillsides where landslides might occur. Article from National Geographic News

[TPE Link: “Aerial Photographs and Remote Sensing“]

Deserts creeping closer to cities.
Satellite measurements between 1979 and 2005 show the subtropical atmosphere north and south of the equator is warming. The warming has caused the jet streams to shift about 70 miles closer to the poles enabling dry regions to expand in area. Article from MSNBC.
[TPE Link: [“Desertification“]

How did continents split?

New study indicates that continents sometimes break along preexisting lines of weakness when small pieces of land attach to a larger continent.
Article at Science Daily.
[TPE Link:”Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift“]

World Fire Maps online
Near-real time maps of fires burning across the Earth’s surface are available to users online. Article
at Science Daily.
[TPE Link: “Distributed Atlas

Feedback Loops in Global Climate Change Point to A Very Hot 21st Century
UC Berkeley scientists have been able to quantify the feedback implied by past increases in natural carbon dioxide and methane. Their results point to warmer temperatures at the end of the century than what current climate models are forecasting. Article
at Science Daily.
[TPE Link:”Greenhouse effect and global warming“, “Climate Change”]

NOAA Predicts Very Active 2006 North Atlantic Hurricane Season
Hurricane season will be here soon. Read the latest predictions from NOAA
Link: “Hurricanes“]


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