Posted by: Michael Ritter PhD | May 29, 2006

News Roundup

A river cuts a new course, leaving a New Hampshire town high and dry
After recent torrential rains in New England, the Suncook river jumped its banks and cut a new channel. The dry channel left behind concerns affected homeowners and businesses. The question confronting local communities is whether to leave the river in its new channel or return it to the old one. Article at NY Times.
Link: “Channel Geometry & Flow” “Alluvial Landforms“]

String of earthquakes unrelated, scientists say

Pacific Rim earthquakes are common but the unusual frequency along the Asia side of recent ones are unrelated. Article at Live Science.

[TPE Link: “Plate Boundaries and Earthquakes“]

Giant slab of Earth’s crust found near core

A huge slab of ocean crust has been located near the Earth’s core lending support to the notion that the Earth acts as a huge recycling machine. Article at Live Science.
[TPE Link: “Earth’s Interior“]


China says it’s slowing rate of desertification



China’s massive tree replanting efforts appear to be helping stem the advance of deserts. Article from Reuters
[TPE Link: “Desertification“]

Home on the range: A corridor for wildlife.

The Y2Y project seeks to establish a wildlife corridor from the Yukon to Yellowstone. Article at the NY Times.
Link: “Biogeography and ecological systems“]

Photo Courtesy US Fish and Wildlife Service


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