Posted by: Michael Ritter PhD | June 7, 2006

News Roundup

Beaver Dams Create Healthy Downstream Ecosystems
“Beavers, long known for their beneficial effects on the environment near their dams, are also critical to maintaining healthy ecosystems downstream. Researchers have found that ponds created by beaver dams raised downstream groundwater levels in the Colorado River valley, keeping soil water levels high and providing moisture to plants in the otherwise dry valley bottom. ”

Read aricle at Science Daily
[TPE Link: “Biogeography and ecological systems

Global Warming May Swamp Hawaiian Wildlife, Study Warns
“A chain of tiny, remote Hawaiian islands could become the largest marine sanctuary in the U.S. as soon as next year.”

“But the rare wildlife living there could disappear beneath the waves by the end of this century because of global warming, a new study warns.”

Read article at National Geographic
[TPE Link: “Climate Change: Global Warming”]

Chile desert’s super-dry history
“The Atacama desert in South America has been in a super-dry state far longer than any other location on Earth – nearly 40 million years in some places.”

Read article at BBC
[TPE Link: “Desert Biome” “Tropical Desert Climate

A Rain-Forest Census Takes Shape, Tree by Tree
“In 1979, two ecologists at Midwestern universities who knew each other only through their research came up with an audacious plan. They wanted exclusive rights to the top of Barro Colorado, a six-square-mile research island that had become one of the most studied spots on earth.”

Read article at New York Times
[TPE Link: “Tropical Forests“]


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