Posted by: Michael Ritter PhD | July 5, 2006

Looking at Clouds from Both Sides: Clouds in Art and Science

“Looking at Clouds from Both Sides: Clouds in Art and Science”
NASA JPL Lecture series

Presented by Dr. Graeme L. Stephens
CloudSat Mission Principal Investigator

Description from the web site:

“On a December evening in 1802, Luke Howard presented his ideas about the naming of clouds to a small gathering of select intellectuals. Howard’s lecture that evening was titled “On the modification of clouds” and was a most historic lecture for many reasons. It heralded the era of meteorology as we know it today, a previously unacknowledged area of natural science recognizing that clouds are really entities that deserve serious scientific enquiry. This talk describes cloud research in the context of other human activities, notably art and literature, and reflects on the study of clouds in the modern science of meteorology. First results from a NASA satellite mission to be launched in May 2005, CloudSat, will show views of clouds as never seen before. ”

Watch video from NASA JPL
TPE Link: Clouds


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