Posted by: Michael Ritter PhD | July 9, 2006

News Roundup

Earth’s Short-Term Wobbles Studied

“Sebastien Lambert of the Royal Observatory of Belgium and colleagues at the Paris Observatory conclude weather patterns in the northern hemisphere played a significant role in the wobbles.”

Read article at Sci-Tech Today
TPE Link: Axial Tilt

Oceans Getting More Acidic

“While researchers understand the threat that increasingly corrosive waters represent, they don’t know how this will specifically affect each creature, says report co-author Joan Kleypas of the Institute for the Study of Society and Environment in Boulder, Colo.”

Read article at Sci-Tech Today
TPE Link: The Oceans

Earthquakes May Foreshadow Destructive Temblors, Study Finds

“A team of American geoscientists is urging colleagues around the world to search for evidence of tiny earthquakes in seismically active areas, such as the Pacific Northwest, that are periodically rocked by powerful temblors of magnitude 8 and higher.”

Read article at ScienceDaily
TPE Link: Crustal Deformation; Plate Boundaries and Earthquakes

Warming Climate Plays Large Role In Western U.S. Wildfires, Study Shows

“A new study led by scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, implicates rising seasonal temperatures and the earlier arrival of spring conditions in connection with a dramatic increase of large wildfires in the western United States.”

Read article at ScienceDaily
TPE Link: Climate change: Global Warming


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