Posted by: Michael Ritter PhD | January 6, 2007

TPE textbook

This blog supports “The Physical Environment: an Introduction to Physical Geography”, my free online physical geography textbook. Many updates were accomplished in the past year and the book has been picked up by several new instructors. The following updates were accomplished in 2006:

12/27/06 Global Warming and Arctic Habitats added (emphasis on polar bears)
12/27/06 Climate Change: Global Warming page updated
10/22/06 Map projections added
10/16/06 Biogeochemical cycles added
10/1/06 Urban climate added
9/15/06 Wildlife corridors added
6/4/06 News page navigation link removed in favor of link. News page link is on the blog site.
5/27/06 TPE Blog created & RSS Feed (
5/7/06 Took out “Detail” pop-ups from contents page
2/18/06 Integrating Wikipedia where appropriate.
2/17/06 “Time” added to “Essentials..”
2/2/06 Reciprocal linking between glossary and text being added as glossary is updated and revised.

Instructors: Please contact me if you wish to use the textbook for your course.


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