Posted by: Michael Ritter PhD | January 27, 2007

Airborne Dust Causes Ripple Effect on Climate Far Away

From the article: “When a small pebble drops into a serene pool of water, it causes a ripple in the water in every direction, even disturbing distant still waters. NASA researchers have found a similar process at work in the atmosphere: tiny particles in the air called aerosols can cause a rippling effect on the climate thousands of miles away from their source region.”

Read article at EO News NASA
TPE Link – Particulates

Image: “Dust from Africa’s Saharan Desert lingers in high altitudes as it crosses the Atlantic Ocean. This picture was taken from an aircraft northeast of Barbados in 2006. Cumulus clouds can be seen poking through the tops of the dust layer, which is seen as a milky white haze.” Courtesy NOAA (Source)


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