Posted by: Michael Ritter PhD | September 3, 2007

Record rains for British summer

Cirrus Couds in Jet SreamThis past summer Great Britain experienced some of the worst flooding in decades. Flooding can occur after a sudden deluge of water, sending streams out of their banks. Floods may also occur when weather systems persist over a region saturating the ground with runoff causing banks to over flow as happened on the Mississippi River in 1993. The flooding in Britain was caused by a persistent jet stream sitting further south than usual during this time of the year. System after system pounded the British Isles.

Record rains for British summer

“This summer appears to have been the wettest since rainfall records began in 1914, according to provisional data from the UK’s Met Office. …. The record rainfall was driven by conditions in England, where downpour surpassed all other recorded years by a substantial margin.”

Read article at the BBC

TPE Links – Floods and Flooding; Surface Cyclones and the Jet Stream

Image: Cirrus clouds produced by westerly jet stream. Courtesy NOAA (Source)


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