Posted by: Michael Ritter PhD | September 7, 2007

Birch Trees To Edge Out Aspens In Warming World

Aspen forest Species extinction is a threat posed by global warming. The rate of temperature change is predicted to be much greater than the ability for plant and animal species to adapt. It is also predicted that biomes will migrate along with rising temperatures, squeezing out those that can’t adjust or compete. A recent study by University of Michigan researchers has investigated the role of increasing carbon dioxide as a fertilizer that boosts forest growth and impacts species competition for soil nutrients.

“Birches will likely drive out many aspens in northern forests as mounting levels of carbon dioxide force the trees to compete more fiercely for soil nutrients in the coming decades, a University of Michigan researcher and his colleagues have concluded.”

Read the article Birch Trees To Edge Out Aspens In Warming World at Univeristy of Michigan News or listen to the podcast.

TPE Links – Forest Biome; Habitat Occupation; Climate Change: Global Warming

Image: Experimental forest in Rhinlander, WI (Courtesy David Karnosky, Michigan Technological University) (Source)


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